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Why Should I use a Travel Agent?

Aren't travel agents rather unnecessary with the internet now? When I introduce myself to someone I meet, they often ask me that very question. And the answer is, no, we are far from unnecessary, if you value what we do.

True, a travel agent may seem unnecessary to someone who loves doing their own travel research and has endless hours available to do just that. Most people, though, do not. But, we're not just time-saver options. As a frequent traveler, I've often been where you want to go. I've experienced it for myself. I know whether the public transportation is worth it, or the best neighborhoods to stay in, and the best things to see. If I haven't personally been where you are going (yet), I have lots of contacts and suppliers that are deeply knowlegable about the area that I reference. We're the experts.

There are tons of options out there. Which website offers the best prices? Which hotel really has what I want? Which neighborhood should I stay in? Should I bundle a package or is it cheaper to book it separately? All of this can be very overwhelming, but for a travel agent, it's our job to know all of this. We really do want to save you time and money. Overall, we want you to have the best vacation. It's our goal.

What if something goes wrong on your trip? Your flight is suddenly cancelled, or you arrive at your resort and do not get the room you booked. As your travel agent, I'm your advocate, you call me. I will work it all out for you. You just find a nice spot to relax while I work out all of the kinks. I've got your back.

My goal is to ask all the right questions and truly listen to your answers to customize the exact trip you are hoping for. I treat every trip as if it were my own. As we continue to work together, I get an even better feel for you and your family, your likes and dislikes. In this hectic and stressful world, isn't it nice to have someone else handle your travel details? We think so.

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